The Indie Spotlight: Overcooked Gourmet Edition

Welcome to the Indie Spotlight! This will be a series of pieces done by myself when I find indies that I have enjoyed or have just completed that I think more people should know about. With that being said let’s dive in and talk about the first game to kick off this series. Who are […]

Five Must-Play PS4 Games For New PS4 Owners

Since the release of God of War, there has been a steady flow of gamers in my social media feeds who have picked up a PS4. Without any doubt, God of War is a system seller, now after God of War, looking into the backlog of exclusive games that the PS4 has had since its […]

Far Cry 6 Setting Might Have Been Leaked by a Past Ubisoft Survey

The article below will contain massive spoilers for Far Cry 5, so read at your own risk. Far Cry 5 was released around two weeks ago and has already become the second best selling Ubisoft game of all time, only being beaten out by The Division. Considering the massive success, it’s safe to assume that […]

Could God of War be PlayStation’s Game of the Generation?

There is no debate that PlayStation has had a wide variety of exclusive games this generation. Mixing new IPs (Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, The Order 1886, etc) with fan favorite IPs (Uncharted 4, Infamous: Second Son, Persona 5), PlayStation has found amazing success with these titles from both first-party and third-party developers. Now enter God of […]

Microsoft Should Build an Xbox One Without a Disc Drive

I realize that April Fools’ Day was only a few days ago, but I promise you that I’m being serious with this headline. Microsoft currently has two Xbox One consoles in production. The six teraflop, $500 Xbox One X is positioned as the monster; the beast of a console for the most serious gamers and […]

5 Things We Would Love Added to Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has caused quite the storm from gamers and reviewers and has a major split on what people think of the game. Whether people love it or hate it, the important thing is that it appears to be a successful new IP from Rare. Topping the UK charts in sales, with over 2 million […]

mother! Review: Why the Razzies are wrong

It is awards season, which means the film community is embroiled in debates regarding who got snubbed, who should win etc. etc. Whilst all the awards are arguably unnecessary, there is one particular show which is nothing more than a joke. That is the Razzies, which “celebrates” the worst of cinema in the year gone […]

WiiWare Games to Get Before It’s Too Late

Nothing lasts forever. Nintendo fans are learning this the hard way with the upcoming end of the Wii’s digital games store. The Wii Shop Channel was the big N’s first gateway to digital gaming. While it started out with a slew of old games via Virtual Console, 2008 kicked off the WiiWare category, where original […]

Top 5 Anime for Newcomers: Second Opinion

A while back, we had an article recommending anime to newcomers. Having my own thoughts on the premise, I decided to write about 5 other shows that I think people who are not already fans of the medium might enjoy. 5) Heavy Object From my understanding, Japan is somewhat known for its giant fighting robots. […]

TICGN’s 2017 Game of the Year Editors’ Picks

With 2017 coming to a close, our editors have looked back at the games that released throughout the year. While this year may have brought us many great games, these are the ones we consider to be the absolute best. Super Mario Odyssey Jason McKendricks This one was very difficult for me. 2017 was an […]

Marvel vs DC vs Fox: 2017 in Review

I did a similar article to this one way back in June, comparing the output of the three major comic book movie companies. You can check out the article here. Since I published that piece, Marvel and DC have both released tentpole films which have had a drastic impact upon their respective movie universes. Let […]

Justice League Thankfully Ends Phase One on DC Movies

I recently sat down and watched the Justice League movie. For the most part I didn’t hate the movie. I enjoyed many aspects of the movie. The one thing I loved the most is that this feels like the end to a Phase One in the DC movie universe that overstayed its welcome. I can […]