Netflix has heeded the fans’ cries over the cancellation of Sense8 and is giving us more time with our beloved cluster next year.

In a Youtube video and Facebook post, Netflix has announced that Sense8 will get closure with a two hour finale. Many criticized Netflix for cancelling the show along with another series, The Get Down, and begged for a third season, or at the very least a closure to the very thrilling ending of the second season. I was one of those people. When explaining why they cut off the show,┬áNetflix boss Ted Sarandos said, “They did a beautiful show” and “The audience was very passionate but not large enough to support the economics of something that big, even on our platform.”

Sense8 focuses on the lives of eight people who are “birthed” into a cluster in which they can feel and experience what the other seven are doing at any given time. It gave us a diverse cast that tackled problems normally other shows wouldn’t touch due to controversy, such as racism, acceptance of gender, acceptance of sexual orientation and more.

You can watch both seasons right now on Netflix. Personally, I’m glad fans will be getting the closure they deserve, but after seeing how it ended, I find it difficult that everything will be wrapped up in the span of two hours. Still, at least we’re getting something.

Here is the trailer:


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