Some of us love to play video games.

A special few of us love to play video games a LOT. One such gamer is Sang Hong, otherwise known on Xbox Live as Sangriaz. According to his Xbox Live profile Sang has played well over 500 games on Xbox Live and has 100% completion on 221 of them. His average completion rate is 60%.

Some of us might take a break after clearing 750,000g but not Sang. In fact, as of this writing his gamerscore has jumped to 778,017 and it looks like he is playing at this very moment. I took a few moments to scan his profile and it looks like he plays a bit of everything including mobile and Windows 8 games which also offer Xbox Live achievements. Feel free to send him a shout on Twitter to congratulate him.

I wonder how long it will be until Sang catches up to Stallion83?

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