It has come to our attention that Bandai Namco is possibly teasing a new game with a rather strange but intriguing website. When you click the link you will notice a microwave with the words “Click!!!” right above it. Once you actually click this on it an egg pops out.

Some of our speculation surrounding this site points to either Digimon, Tamagotchi, or My Hero Academia. When you click the microwave it gives us the words, “ten days left”. So this is the only form of media we have for this new item that is being teased. The most recent video from the Youtube page is a Naruto round up that at the time of writing this has only been online for three hours. ┬áSo for the time being we just have to wait out those ten days to see what is going on.

Once those ten days are over Bandai Namco should give us a little more information on what they are teasing.

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