Quakecon 2016 is in full effect in the city of Dallas and your friends at TiCGN are here to provide you with the latest coverage.

There is a lot to see and a lot to demo here at Quakecon, but one of the most impressive demos came from the team at Bethesda by way of Doom and Fallout 4 VR. These games were being run on the HTC Vive, which I have never tried before.  After waiting in line for over an hour we were able to get hands on and had to choose between the two. We felt that Doom would be a more exciting experience in VR so we went with that.   

First, I would like to say that the HTC Vive was quite impressive. It felt comfortable on my head even with my glasses on and the motion controllers were light and intuitive. The only issue I had was the wires that were plugged in from the headset to the PC kept getting in my way, and actually were hanging on my back at some points.

As far as the Doom VR demo we tried, I must say that this was the best VR experience I have had thus far. This demo definitely pulled you into the world of Doom and the “id tech 6” engine it was running on had it looking absolutely magnificent.  In the beginning of the demo you are allowed to get up close and personal with the popular demon character models within the game and I can tell you there is no downgrade in texture or detail from the standard game. In fact, I will be bold enough to say that in my opinion, they look better. I was also able to test out a teleport ability by clicking on the trigger of the left motion controller and test out my weapons by using the right motion controller.

After I was done testing and viewing it was time to get into the action. I was tossed into a dark corridor and it was not long until I was surrounded by demons both small and large. I was fully immersed into the world so much so that I really felt like I was right there and if I couldn’t hear anyone on the outside I would have been inclined to believe that this world I was in was real.

I proceeded to frantically defend myself by shooting the creatures in the head trying to get as many head shots as I could to take them down as fast as I could. They kept appearing around me so I proceeded to use my teleport ability to get away from them which came in handy as I was able to flank and take them out. Just when I began to breathe again here comes a giant behemoth right in my face. I literally panicked as if my life was really in danger, it was glorious. I proceeded to do what I was taught to do as a young child in the event I had to take down a towering demonic like creature, shoot it in the face until it drops, and this is exactly what I proceeded to do. Again, it was glorious.

Overall I had an amazing time playing Doom VR. The graphics were magnificent, seemed just as fast paced and enthralling as the standard experience, but more in your face. I was later informed by one of the art designers at Id Software that Doom VR is actually just a tech demo at this time and they don’t have plans of making it into a full game, which disappointed me quite a bit. However, seeing how many people are enjoying the demo is causing Id Software to consider making Doom VR into a full-fledged game. I encourage you to reach out to Id on twitter and other social media outlets to communicate how you would love to see Doom VR in stores, because it has incredible potential to be something special.

For all of the Fallout 4 fans out there, Bethesda is pleased to announce that they will be releasing Fallout 4 VR in 2017.  This should be a real treat and in fact I think I’m going to stand in that line for another hour just to try this one out next. Happy Gaming!

If you would like to see live reaction of my Bethesda VR experience with Doom, check out the video below. I was in full panic mode, but having the time of my life at the same time! Stay tuned for more Quakecon 2016 coverage right here at TiCGN.

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