It has been nearly fifteen years since the likes of Kain and Raziel have appeared in a new game. While the world has largely moved on and multiplayer games are as popular as ever, a few players such as myself would love to see our favorite vampires return.

Somebody at Crystal Dynamics may feel the same way. A recent tweet reintroduces Raziel, the protagonist of the Soul Reaver games.

Earlier a tweet of artwork featuring Raziel was posted. Is Crystal Dynamics teasing a new entry in the Kain series or perhaps a remaster of the original games? Or is somebody at CD just waxing nostalgic?

The Legacy of Kain series encompasses five games. The first centers on Kain, a nobleman in the world of Nosgoth who was killed and turned into a vampire. He seeks revenge but ultimately accepts his vampiric nature. The Soul Reaver games are the second and third entries and focus on Raziel, a vampiric lieutenant of Kain. Angered by Raziel’s newly grown wings, Kain mutilates and kills Raziel who is later resurrected by the Elder God. Raziel seeks his revenge on Kain. The fourth game focuses on Kain while the fifth and last game alternates between Kain and Raziel.

A multiplayer game set in the world of Nosgoth was planned and there was even a beta release but the game was ultimately canceled and the servers shut down in 2015.

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