Recently the man behind Mortal Kombat (Ed Boone) changed the profile picture on his Twitter account. This doesn’t usually seem like a big deal. That is unless E3 is right around the corner and some rumor about Injustice 2 has been floating around. This could be my paranoia or the fact Boone loves to mess with his fans.

No matter what happens fans will either be getting an Injustice 2 or new Mortal Kombat. Hell I bet we might just get both games next year. I mean with the success of both franchises why shouldn’t we enjoy some more fighting games from Neatherrealm. If you read through some of the comments some fans have some great ideas about what this is. I personally like the idea of a Shaolin Monks 2 for these current consoles.

Let us know how you feel about this and all things coming up in E3 2016 in the comment section below.



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