I will admit the first trailer for the upcoming reboot of Ghostbusters was just awful. It didn’t really give you that feel like the original movies did. With an all female cast this movie has been scrutinized since it was first announced. This trailer gives fans like me hope that the movie will live up to the standards set by the first two.

Now just re-watch the first trailer for me and get into that hateful vibe again.


Now watch the second trailer and basically just ignore the first one.

Now the second one features more of whats going to happen in the movie. Instead of that annoying feeling from the first trailer I could almost feel some nostalgia from my childhood. I don’t think people understand that this movie will never reproduce what the first two did. Don’t expect that to be the case. Just enjoy the summer and watch what looks to be a pretty entertaining movie. Let me know how you feel about this new Ghostbusters trailer in the comment section below. Also don’t forget that two new Ghostbuster games will be coming out this summer.

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