The official PlayStation blog has just released official confirmation that Gran Turismo Sport will be delayed until 2017. No word on what month of quarter the racing game will be released.

According to the blog post, Polyphony has been hard at work adding new features to the Gran Turismo franchise such as “physics-based rendering and sound simulations, and Scapes photo mode.” Not only will the game feature those new components, it will feature a competitive new Sport mode. Not wanting to compromise any features for time, the team instead decided to continue to polish the game and finish up its new selling points.

While the delay may be frustrating to most, it is best for the team at Polyphony to release a working product instead of a half baked one since it would have gone on to compete against Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 3. ┬áStill, with no newly adjusted release date Gran Turismo Sport’s future is now up in the air.

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Published by Jason Mckendricks

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