It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Years after Namco left their Namco Museum series dormant in the seventh console generation, they are finally releasing a new installment exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Accompanying the announcement is a reveal trailer that you can watch below.

This offering features the following arcade games from Namco’s archive:




-Galaga ’88

-The Tower of Druaga



-Rolling Thunder

-Rolling Thunder 2

-Tank Force

Strangely, the list appears to omit Namco Museum mainstays such as Ms. Pac-Man, Mappy, Galaxian, and Pole Position. What this new compilation will offer, though, is a series of challenges (think NES Remix or Mega Man Legacy Collection) as well as the ability to show the screen in vertical or horizontal view. What is especially interesting to note is that this is the first time Rolling Thunder 2, Splatterhouse, and Tank Force have appeared in a Namco Museum title. In fact, Tank Force has never been released in North America at all prior to this release.

Namco Museum is destined to hit the Switch library sometime in the summer. For the time being, you can read about the Namco Museum series in this humble writer’s Retro Flashback article dedicated to it.

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