One of the challenges faced by contemporary VR headsets is the fact that they must be attached to your device somehow whether that be tethered to a PC or inserting a phone into the visor. A new product was announced today at the Oculus Connect conference by Mark Zuckerburg that was designed to meet this challenge. It is called the Oculus Go and it is a self contained VR headset that costs $199.

This self contained Oculus Go will allow users to turns around while wearing the visor but you still won’t be able to walk around your home or office. All of the motion sensors are built into the headset. Despite the extra weight of the sensors and processor, the headset is still light and comfortable to wear. It has a fabric covering so you will not feel hard plastic chafing against your skin.

The VR experience sits somewhere between current mobile VR and PC. The display offers 2560×1440 resolution with reduced glare lenses. Audio is built into the unit so you will not need to wear a pair of headphones while using the headset.

The device uses the same controller inputs as Samsung’s Gear VR so all of your games and apps will also work on Oculus Go. As of this writing there were no specifications or battery life estimations available.

The Oculus Go releases in early 2018 and comes with a motion controller that looks somewhat similar to the Samsung Gear VR controller.

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