Right now all of the hype is about the recently released Xbox One X which Microsoft touts as the most powerful console in the world. However, they still have the Xbox One S and gamers on a budget can buy the cheaper console and get a free game with their purchase.

Any new Xbox One S console priced at $249 or more is eligible – even the ones that already have a game in the box such as the Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels bundle. You can pick out any new Xbox One game in the store priced $59.99 or less to take home with your new console. You can even choose a new release like Star Wars Battlefront II for your free game.

This deal is good at GameStop but Microsoft suggest other “select retailers”. My suggestion is to go to your preferred store and try to get a deal match.

The Xbox One S is not as powerful as the new Xbox One X but both consoles play all of the same games. The Xbox One S includes an Ultra HD Bluray player so you can watch movies in 4K resolution.

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