We were treated to some incredible looking ReCore gameplay at Microsoft’s E3 press conference today. The gameplay trailer introduced main character, Joule known as the “Fearless Leader” and three of her robotic companions. The point of the trailer was to show off the skills of Joule and her three robotic companions so let’s go into a little detail of what was shown.

  • Joule – “The Fearless Leader” demonstrated very acrobatic skills as she was able to flip in a staffing motion from left to right as she was shooting enemies with an electrified gun. The combat mixed shooting with melee as Joule had use of a grappling hook that she used to pull the core right out of enemies.
  • Mack – “The Explorer” is a mechanical dog like companion who can produce a deadly electrical charge around his body that can instantly destroy enemies.
  • Duncan – “The Heavy Hitter” acts as a gorilla with pure power on display. He pounds the ground producing fire that ignites enemies burning them to a crisp!
  • Seth – “The Escape Artist” acts as a torrent and helps you reach out of reach places. One scene shows Joule attaching the grappling hook to Seth as he whisks her away from danger.

The world itself was beautiful and I love the art design. It was great to also see platforming sections, as I am a huge fan of that genre along with puzzle sections. ReCore looks to be a well rounded game indeed.

ReCore will be released exclusively to Xbox One and Window 10 this September 13th! Check out the gameplay trailer below and let us know is you are excited for this title.





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