Racing game fans may be in for a treat upon hearing that VD-Dev (who some may know for their work on Ironfall: Invasion for the Nintendo 3DS) will be revving up their engines for an arcade-style racer this year, titled “RISE: Race the Future”, with SEGA Rally being a primary source of inspiration for the project. Automotive designer Anthony Jannarelly will also be cooperating with them to design the in-game cars for what the announcement trailer claims to be “The future of racing.”

There is not too much that the trailer displays aside from sleek-looking cars, but, with emphasis on “automotive art” and “advanced air technology,” it can be assumed that this game’s mechanics may involve more than just grounded road racing. We will see what more there is to the title as the developers reveal more later on in the year.

What we do currently know, however, is that RISE will be arriving on a wide variety of platforms this winter. As the trailer indicates at the end, the game will be arriving to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, Steam, mobile devices, and is even intended to be released for the upcoming Nintendo NX in 2017.

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