Shadow of the Beast New Trailer Shows Off Gameplay Mechanics

Shadow of the Beast is a game that I had the pleasure of playing during my time at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event held last December and I can tell you it was a beast of an experience playing this game.  Get it? No? Ok, moving on.  The game is a re-imagining of the 1989 Amiga classic side scrolling game of the same name. Shadow of the Beast offers players brutal, relentless, yet smooth combat set in a world where futuristic technology and ancient civilizations collide.

In the newest trailer developer Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs shows of a few of the gameplay mechanics you can expect to see in the game. Below is a run down of a few that they mentioned in the trailer.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Attack Moves – standard slash attacks are featured with an emphasis on rewarding well-timed parries.
  • Rage Chain – allows you to go on a murderous tangent that results in single strike kills.
  • Frenzy moments – gain health from enemies using well-timed strikes that result in you sinking your teeth into an enemy and sucking their blood or ripping them apart – your choice.
  • Special Moves – Once earned you will be able to clear large amounts of enemies with a host of moves such as generating large spikes from the ground that impale everything on the screen.

Shadow of the Beast will be available May 17, 2016 exclusively for PS4. It is available right now to pre load on the PSN store so if interested have at thee.

Check out the trailer for yourself below and let us know what you think. Beast or nah?

Source: PlayStation YouTube

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