There are two things that go extremely well together in this life, and that is Gaming and Snacking. We as gamers can find ourselves spending countless hours sitting in front of a TV or monitor enjoying the games we love. During these binge sessions, many of us tend to consume the most unhealthy snacks and foods known to man.  While it may feel incredibly satisfying to stuff a full bag of Cheetos down your gullet while your going on a kill streak or beating a boss; the combination of sitting for hours at a time while eating junk can have a real negative affect on your body.

Here at TiCGN we care about the well being of our readers and fellow gamers, so I present the Top 5 Healthy Snacks for Gamers.  Note:  It is very important that you always eat in moderation and stick as close to the recommended serving size as possible.

5. Pre-Chopped Fruits and Veggies

Top 5 Healthy Snacks For Gamers TiCGN- Super Mario Fire Flower - courtesy Rosanna Pansino
Super Mario Fire Flower Treat – courtesy of Rosanna Pansino

This is one of the least appealing snacks on this list. In fact, many people consider fruits and veggies as a form of punishment rather than a snack. However, pre-chopped fruits and veggies can be quite appealing and actually satisfy your hunger. All of us should have at least one or two fruits and veggies we like and buying them pre-chopped saves us the work of chopping them up in snack form ourselves. Also, you can combine some fruits and veggies with peanut butter or humus to add additional flavor that may entice your palate. I for one love celery and peanut butter. Fruits and veggies provide much needed vitamins and minerals your body needs, so try it and you may like it!

4. Protein Bars

Top 5 Healthy Snacks For Gamers TiCGN

When it comes to protein bars it is a hit or miss when it comes to flavor and nutrition. When picking protein bars you want to ensure the protein to carb ratio is well balanced. For example, there are some bars out there that have 1g of protein and 30g of carbs, which basically means you’re intake of sugar will be way too high and you might as well eat a snickers bar. Ideally you want something with about 20g of protein and no more than 2og of carbs, like a Quest Bar. They have an assortment of flavors like my favorite, cookies and cream. Also Lara Bars and Kind Bars have some delicious selections such as chocolate chip brownie filled with chocolate chips, walnuts, almonds and sea salt!

3. Turkey Jerky

Top 5 Healthy Snacks For Gamers TICGN
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You wouldn’t think jerky would be on the list, but the turkiest of jerkys is actually pretty healthy. Turkey jerky is low in fat, high in protein, taste delicious, and is chewy which keeps your mouth busy while gaming. One of the most popular brands is Krave, which is one of the safest to go with as far as ensuring it has the proper nutritional value.

2. These Nuts

Top 5 Healthy Snacks For Gamers TICGN

Oh nuts, how I love nuts! Almonds are about the best choice nutritionally as they provide the highest amount of protein and fiber. I personally prefer standard peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and pistachios. Just make sure that you purchase nuts that either have no salt or low in salt. If the salt is too high you can kiss your goal of eating healthy while gaming bye, bye.

1. Honey Nut Cheerios

Top 5 Healthy Snacks for Gamers TICGN

This may not seem like an ideal snack while gaming, but it is my personal favorite. I love having a bowl of cheerios next to me while I play multiplayer or single player games. There is nothing like the sweet taste of honey nut cheerios that have been soaked in milk for about 30 seconds. I tend to start eating them in the beginning of a single player game as I’m watching an opening cut scene or while I’m waiting for a multiplayer match to load. Some may not like having their cereal sit on the sideline and get soggy while playing, but for me, the soggier, the better. On the nutritional side, Honey Nut Cheerios is proven to be one of the best foods you can eat for the health of your heart therefore I highly recommend you add them to your rotation.

Game, Get out, Eat right, Work out. This is the key to a long and happy life.

We hope you enjoyed this Top 5. Stay tuned for more informative and entertaining Top 5’s coming your way from your friends here at TiCGN.




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