Fans have been asking Ubisoft for a chance to play Watch Dogs 2 in a large group. The developers have created such a vibrant version of the Bay Area that begs to be explored with more then one player. Watch the trailer explaining how it all works below.

This is the biggest update that Watch Dogs 2 has ever received. Players will now have the chance to roam around San Francisco with a group of four friends. The one thing Ubisoft did was make this fun for everyone, so don’t expect anything you do to affect the leaderboards. Producer Kris Young has this to say about the new update:

It’s something we’ve been thinking about for a long time. It’s always more fun to be in a team, and the online modes we have are great, but we really wanted to expand on them. We also pay attention to what our community is saying, and it’s something they’ve been clamoring for, so we’re happy to finally make it available to everyone.

The update will be live for players on all systems on July 4th. During the month of July, look for fireworks all month and the paintball gun will fire red, white, and blue pellets.

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