The developer of Dust: An Elysian Tale has revealed their next title. Never Stop Sneakin’ is a stealth action game for the Nintendo Switch with an isometric perspective and high resolution polygonal models.

Amadeus Guildenstern went back in time and kidnapped all the presidents. Now it is up to a team of stealthy operatives to rescue them. Doing so requires infiltrating Amadeus’s base and taking down his elite henchmen. Among these villains are Dr. Acula, who is likely a vampire, and Vice President Helicopter, who is definitely a helicopter.

While most stealth games require careful planning and slow, cautious movements, Never Stop Sneakin’ looks to have a faster pace and a bigger focus on action. The base is densely packed with security and we can see the hero wield a variety of ranged and melee weapons as they make their way through. The trailer also offers a glimpse at some boss fights. While these intimidating foes do not completly fill the screen with bullets, they do use a lot of them.

Never Stop Sneakin’ does not have a solid release date. However, it should be out later this year.

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