[amazon_link asins=’B06X9V71HG’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’peterfaden-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c5da5026-9e15-11e7-b1bf-f982c2103381′]Branching Paths is an excellent documentary first brought to my attention by a friend who did localization for games coming out of Japan. It is a unique and incredibly interesting look at the Japanese Indie game development scene and the politics that factor into said scene. It also highlights the divide between Indie developers and AAA big corporation developers in Japan as well. I personally found Branching Paths to be one of the best video game-centric documentaries I’ve ever watched.

To celebrate it’s one year release anniversary, Playism is now offering Branching Paths for half off on Steam and via Playism’s own web store. If you have any interest in video game insider stuff, this would be the time to grab the video.

As a nice additional touch, Playism asked the developers featured in Branching Paths to comment on the direction the Japanese Indie scene has gone in since this was filmed. You can read those interviews here. I’d recommend doing so. They are quite interesting and informative as well.

Finally, here is last year’s launch trailer so you can decide if┬áthis is something you would be interested in watching:


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