Aksys Games have recently announced a release date for School Girl/Zombie Hunter. The game will be out for PS4 in North America on November 17, 2017.

SG/ZH is a third person shooter spin-off of the Onechanbara series from Tamsoft. Over the course of 50 missions, players will fight hordes of zombies as they investigate the true nature of a mysterious school. Each of the game’s five female protagonists uses a different type of weapon and has access to their own unique melee attacks. In addition to the main story, the game also has ten co-op missions with support for up to five players.

These zombies happen to have an appetite for clothing. There is an outfit destruction system present, but this game also allows the girls to toss their clothes to serve as a decoy. Additionally, the team can change their underwear between missions and use the old undergarments as bait. The longer they wore the clothing, the more effective it is. However, this tactic does not work on most female zombies.


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