ILP 33 ft Eric Jacobus – Fighting Games – Cuphead – PUBG to PS4 – D2 Faction Rally



0:20 – Eric Jacobus intro
4:37 – Lord Kaibatsu intro
6:35 – Eric Jacobus video game system history
10:30 – Eric Jacobus Sega Love & Fighting Game history
14:21 – 70s KungFu Flicks, Kicking Greats & John Liu
17:29 – Eric Jacobus Martial Arts background
19:45 – Eric Jacobus creation of Tekken in Real life & Kicktionary
25:11 – Eric Jacobus stuntwork & films
59:42 – The evolution of fighting games & what we want.
1:20:36 – Cuphead Impressions
1:30:53 – D2 Faction rally recap & PUBG vs PS4

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