Welcome to another new episode of the IronLords Podcast! On today’s show, special guest @PressStartKofi talks about the origins of The Press Start Podcast, the gaming scene in Canada and the “Switchgang” movement. Lord Sovereign talks Switch dominance in those September NPD numbers, while Lord King theorizes about the Switch finessing Sony and Microsoft into believing they’re a non-threat. Lord Addict comments on the ramifications of EA shutting down Visceral Games and Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game. Finally, Lord Zero and Lord Kaibatsu join the discussion as Lord Cognito dives deep into the casualization of Destiny 2 and how that’s affecting retention and the loyalty of the hardcore fanbase. ILP 36 is in the books!

0:32 – Press Start Kofi intro
7:10 – Kofi videogame history (Young Wolf Talk)
12:23 – Lord Addict & Kofi light Shadow of Wars light spoilers LOL
14:50 – Kofi Gaming from the “6”, and difference in Canada
18:12 – Lord Kofi announces how the “SWITCHGANG” started!
20:30 – Kofi discusses The creation of The Press Start Podcast”
22:42 – What are The Lords Playing?
34:23 – Last Week ILP Poll results!
37:22 – Sept NPD Results – SWITCHGANG
40:12 – Lord Kofi introduced to “Bend the Knee Segment” Nov NPD!
50:39 – Lord King “Switch Finesse Theory”
1:09:12 – Visceral Studios closing
1:23:48 – Lord Cognito Rant – (The OverCasualization of Destiny2)
1:44:44 – Lord Zero Special Appearance on the State of Destiny2
1:48:38 – Lord Kaibatsu Appearance Defending the Casuals!
1:55:45 – New ILP Poll (Kofi Chimes IN) LMAO

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