Welcome to another new episode of The IronLords Podcast! On today’s show, ILP extended family joins the Lords at the round table as Eric J @ecjaxson makes his ILP debut along with podcast mate, returning guest and founder of The Basement Radio Arcade Podcast, Enrique @BRAP_Podcast. The Lord’s kick off the show with @ecjaxson’s gaming and podcasting history followed by a brief summary of Saturdays’ amazing lineup of combat sports. Lord Sovereign leads the discussion on Sony’s Paris Games Week conference, while Lord Cognito borrows from Lord BRAP and rants about Microsoft’s glitch ridden and subpar Paris Games Week PUBG presentation. Lord Addict returns from the brink to talk about the impending Xbox One X launch and Lord King breaks down the details of the Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC and wonders whether it will be enough to bring casual players back into the fold. ILP 38 is in the books!

0:31 Eric Jackson Intro
1:38 Enrique (Brap Podcast) intro
11:26 – Lord King’s Announcement (Conviction talk!) LOL
15:10 – Lord Eric video game history, and RGM/BRAP podcasts
24:46 – What are the Lords Playing?
33:55 – Last weeks Poll Results!
38:32 – Sony Paris Games Week Conference
1:12:19 – PUBG Announcement & Lord Cognito RANT on MS Press Conferences!! LOL
1:32:48 – Eve of the Xbox One X!
1:39:21 – Lord Addict debate vs Cognito/King/Sov waiting until 11/7 to play XB1X enhanced games. LMAO
1:51:49 – Curse of Osiris Destiny2 DLC
2:05:42 – New ILP Poll

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