Streamed live on Nov 26, 2017
1:28 – John – Megative (SGDC) Intro
3:14 – Samuel Tolbert (RGM) Intro
8:29 – Lord Addict LIVES!!!! LOL
9:29 – John Megative Videogame system history & creation of SDGC podcast!
14:39 – Samuel Tolbert Videogame system history & journey to SDGC podcast!
20:18 – A new CHALLENGER APPEARS! LOL! Lord Enrique (BRAP)
23:05 – What are the Lords playing?
28:52 – Lord Sovereign appears LIVE from VACATION! LOL
31:30 – Last Weeks Poll Results!
33:26 – Net Neutrality discussion. Should gamers be concerned?
46:12 – BRAP Making gamers aware of Net Neutrality! (PAY ATTENTION)
56:40 – Bungie RIGGING Destiny2 XP Gains….OH BOY…lol
1:12:59 – Lord Addict GOES IN ON DESTINY 2 ENDGAME while Lord Megative Defends Raid Lairs! LOL
1:24:28 – Is Black Friday good for gaming?
1:41:15 – Lord King reintroduces #BendTheKnee for Lords Megative & Sam! LOL
1:50:44 – New ILP Poll

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