At E3 2016, Microsoft announced its flagship console, Project Scorpio, to much fanfare and possibly just as much skepticism. Here was a console that was big on power and big on promises. Perhaps most notable was the promise of Project Scorpio being able to deliver uncompromised 4K gaming.

Fast forward to 2017, and the gaming community learned some concrete details about what the console could actually do. A highly-publicized analysis from the folks at Eurogamer/Digital Foundry showed that the console punches far higher than any other. A few months ago at E3 2017, Microsoft officially unveiled the console’s name, design, release date, and price. Now called the Xbox One X, Microsoft’s heavy-hitting beast of a console will release on November 7, 2017 for $499.

During the E3 2017 conference, Microsoft continued to push the message of delivering “uncompromised” 4K gaming. High-ranking company executives such as Mike Ybarra have commented on the Xbox One X’s ability to deliver “true 4K” experiences as recently as last week.

This is all well and good, but does the new console actually deliver this level of performance, and will the console fail if it doesn’t?

According to Merriam-Webster, the word “uncompromising” means, “not making or accepting a compromise; making no concessions.” In order to deliver uncompromised 4K, then, the Xbox One X needs to be able to deliver true 4K visuals without workarounds, shortcuts, or other such trickery. Have they been able to accomplish this? Yes and no.

A list of 80 games has been making the rounds on popular gaming forum NeoGAF, indicating which games are currently slated to receive Xbox One X enhancements. At the time of this writing, 63 games will support full 4K resolution on the Xbox One X. However, twelve games will achieve 4K resolution through the use of a checkerboarding technique; a compromise.

It’s clear by now that the Xbox One X isn’t capable of achieving true/uncompromised 4K resolution in every game. Does that matter, though? Is this really that much of a dealbreaker? I think not.

Firstly, it’s important to consider the current messaging of the Xbox division on the matter. It is true that Microsoft may be quick to tout claims of “uncomrpomised” and “true” 4K. However, they are not saying that this is the case for every game. The product page for the console has quips for “4K, feel true power,” “4K gaming is immersive,” and “true 4K,” but nowhere does it state that is to be expected for every game. The argument of mixed messaging on Microsoft’s part does have some merit. At the same time, it’s important to take what they are saying at face value and not read into it.

Overall, Microsoft has mostly succeeded in making the Xbox One X a worthwhile purchase. Even though some games do feature checkerboarding, there is still plenty of content here that will take advantage of 4K TVs. Visual enhancements and features that benefit owners of standard HDTVs ensure that no one is completely left out. Support seems to be far better than the rather uneven utilization of the PS4 Pro’s extra horsepower over the standard hardware. Any game that uses dynamic resolution scaling and/or features an unlocked frame rate will see improvements even before any X-specific patches/updates are implemented.

It is true that Microsoft’s beast of a console cannot deliver uncompromised 4K with every game. However, the company has succeeded in producing a console that is far more powerful than it’s competition. The Xbox One X will feature the best-looking versions of multiplatform games. Gamers that  invested in the Xbox ecosystem will see a tangible benefit in many of their favorite current and upcoming games. Lastly, the console represents a fantastic price-to-performance bargain.

In closing, the Xbox One X will undoubtedly provide a better gaming experience for Xbox gamers that decide to take the plunge. That’s not a failure. Contrarily, I’d say it’s mission accomplished, uncompromised 4K be damned.

If you’d like to check out my inspiration for writing this piece, you can check out Colt Eastwood’s video here.

Published by Michael Pallanti

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  1. Well to be fair MS did ask developers what it would take to hit 4K so I don’t think it’s right to crap on them if the odd game requires a little trickery in order to get there. Personally I don’t care 4K is not the reason that I’m buying an X anyway.

    I’m buying an X because it’s easily more powerful than the XB1 that I currently have. I’m hopeful that not only will games look and perform better on it I’m hoping that the operating system will run much smoother with zero lag as well. The lag I get while visiting the store is an epic pain in the ass at times! There’s also annoying lag while making menu selections. The degree of lag varies and I’ve noticed it with both wired and wireless connections too. My best guess is that it’s a ram issue perhaps.

    1. The problem you’re experiencing has more to do with the weak CPU than the RAM, but yeah the X1X should be substantially better in both areas.

      1. “Should” be….. I am hoping for this also…. Have actually held out on a 4k blu-ray player, so that I may buy an Xbox One X. Not sure if I can still hold out if the games are truly not going to come in droves for us gamers….

    1. And that is not a trade-off that people should have to face. 60fps is much more appreciated than a simple bump in res/textures that you don’t even see a true difference in if you’re actually playing the game as opposed to looking at still shots of it in a comparison…

  2. might trick a few ppl into buying but abandoning the 1s they tricked into buying xbone and s. they’ll help sell more ps4

    1. Anyone that buys either Paystation console is getting ripped off. Why do you think sony wont allow crossplay? They know their userbase will jump ship when they start hearing about EA Access, Game Pass, backwards compatibility, and how they dont have to pay out the a** for 4K capable broadband internet with no data cap because Xbox has a 4K Bluray disc drive.

        1. lol Thats hilarious. What this should read is “ps4 is the only system where you can play 9 out of 10 of my personal favorite 2017 games”. Go look up the sales data and come back with the actual truth kid.

          1. LOL it is! cause if you go by sales OR SCORES the9 of the 10 best games of the year ARE ON PS4!!!!!!! (Mario Kart doesnt count as it is a port.) xbox, switch or PC can’t say the same!

            So yeah, Suck on that!

          2. Ok, and how many of those same games are on Xbox and Nintendo? The wording in your original post is misleading because ps4 isnt the ONLY system that people can play those games.

          3. Lol on switch? Just one game! Zelda is the only exclusive on the top 10. Xbone has ZERO exclusives on the top 10.

            Now, it IS NOT misleading as it is 100% accurate. You just can’t admit I took you to school. Injustice 2,tekken 7, Re7, Edith Finch are playable on ps4 (as well as xbone) but you can me when persona 5, nioh, Nier, horizon and MLB are payable on switch and xbone!

            See? Ps4 completely superior!

          4. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

            See? I took you to school and all your arguments went by the window 😃😃😃😃 and…. The best games of the year are still on ps4, you couldn’t counter that, so if ps4 is for 10 year old, then the inferior xbrick is for stillborn fetus😂😃😁😂😄😄

            Sucks to be an x bot!


          5. lol yeah, bragging about 3 japanese niche titles and a niche baseball game took me to school, you win I give up. But…didnt Injustice 2 outsell all 4 of those titles combined in North America?

          6. Lol when those all scored AND sold more than any xbone exclusive al year… Yeah, you bet you lost!

            No they weren’t! And didn’t injustice launched also on ps4 looking better? YES it did!

            And how come you didn’t mentioned horizon? Right! Cause you are a sneaky coward!

            You deserve an inferior an inferior console! Keep waiting, eventually the mediocre halo wars 2 will get a price slash big enough than even you will be able to afford it 😃😂😁😁😅 to bad that’s not even top 50!😂😃😂😁😀


          7. I wouldnt spend a dime to play any of those games because Im not a weebo, and baseball is boring to me. Now Horizon I would play, but gaming on the Paystation is too expensive and that game isnt worth the price of entry. No EA Access, no Game Pass, no backwards compatibility, no 4K bluray drive, paystation is a rip off compared to Xbox. Owning an Xbox, Ive got over 200 games in my collection, which includes digital games I purchased way back in 2005 on the 360(sony wants you to buy the same games over and over btw), as well as over 150 games from this generation. Ive been able to afford a nice 4K HDR tv for gaming, because on November 7th an actual true 4K console will finally arrive. Unfortunately for some Paystation 4 Pro owners they cant afford to own a good 4K console because they had to upgrade their broadband in order to stream 4K content because the Paystation 4 Pro doesnt come with a 4K bluray drive.

            #itsyourbirthday 🎂

          8. LOL thats what people say about what they CAN’T play! but those have better scores than 99.5% of the exclusive xbone ever had!

            Now keep mowing the lawn so you can waste yet another $500 on an exclusiveless system that play 4k timed exclusive indies LOL

            Oh! and real gamers buy consoles to play games, streaming movies is an extra. I get it, poor peasants like you can only buy one device. So its a real head scratcher why you wasted $500 on a system that was underpowered, has less indies, less remasters, less 3rd party games, less genres, less AAA exclusives and that hasnt have a single exclusive against pc in more than 2 years…probably cause you are not smart at all!


          9. xbox marketing used that very same trick a couple of years ago. when they still had exclusives

          10. That’s why a savvy person is needed to tell a good console from a weak one.

            Evidently this fool isn’t one of those.

      1. We already know about all that extraneous crap. But there’s this thing called “games” that we like to play… conspicuously absent on XB1, beyond the multiplats also I PS4.

        Nobody would jump ship, you fool.

          1. “here we go again”
            said to indicate that the same events, typically undesirable ones, are recurring.

      2. no its coz microsoft forces you to sign into xbox live to play minecraft. and sony don’t want to inflate xbox live numbers

        1. Thats nonsense you snatched off the top of your head. Its about losing money, no other excuse makes any sense.

      3. you reaching hard 4k broadband lmfao it’s about 20 meg. nothing to someone with 4k tv and expensive 4k bluray discs . someone with those would rather have a high quality player in the 1st place

        1. It isnt reaching at all. A person will need more than 20mbs if they arent the only person online, and if the person has a monthly data cap it will have to be upgraded or made unlimited. Thats assuming someone wants to enjoy their hardware when they want.

  3. 100% False Advertising

    Xbone X can’t handle true next gen games

    No exclusives

    PC will crush xbox (4k+ all xbox games)

    RIP xbone x

    1. Grow Up all PS4 games are coming to PC also what is your point fanboy , PC haha lol I doubt you even own a monster PC more like a gaming laptop you liar

      1. Would love to see “all” of these playstation games coming to PC so you say…. Not ever going to happen.

        If you mean by streaming the game from a “service” then that is still wrong as the game is not actually “on” the PC…. Keep on keepin on….

      2. psnow is a playstation a rented 1 in a server. you just don’t understand cloud computing

  4. Good to see trash site like this fabricate lies , when did Microsoft ever say all games would be running 4K native that was never promised at all …

    1. They never outright stated it. Only implied it with words like “true” and “uncompromised” when referring to 4K gaming.

  5. Microsoft have said right from the start that its the developers choice in how to use the extra power of the X. Ill tell you what “compromised 4K” looks like. Compromised 4K is an alledged “4K console” that doesnt even have a 4K Bluray drive. Anyone buying the ps4 slo will need at least a 20mbs broadband connection and no data cap if they plan to watch 4K movies, tv, and video. If you throw in EA Access, Game Pass, and backwards compatibility, the X is a better value than ANY $200+ Paystation console.

    1. No its not. Cause all you you can do to brag about the mediocre xbox are old games no great 2017 exclusive, and even among the old Xbox exclusives there are not any GOTY winners or even contenders, only one 91 game. Equal or Inferior performance on multiplatform games. So no, the value for ps4 is vastly superior to the xbone.

      1. Any Paystation on the market right now is a rip off. I can spend $25 on the Xbox and have access to over 120 games, as well as a 10% discount for any games that I chose to purchase. What kind of game access do you get for $25 on any Paystation? Maybe 2 games if you are lucky. Anyone gaming on the Paystation 4, or Paystation 4 Slo is getting ripped off. Multiplats make up over 95% of games each year, so pretending the Paystation 4 somehow has more or better games is living in fantasy land.

        1. So 100 % of games perform equal or better on ps4 and the top 5% are only on ps4.

          But, sure, xbone is for l0sers without money to buy current AAA exclusives.

          Now we know why you are stuck with it.


          1. lol no, the handful of paystation exclusives do not amount to 5% of the available games on the market. More like less than 0.01%. Wow, you are terrified of the X. Spitting out exaggerations and flat lies left and right lol.

          2. LOL those 95% multiplatform perform better on ps4 than xbrick, and the exclusves on ps4 are superior to the xbrick ones in graphics, scores and sales!

            I laugh at the X cause it doesnt have anything but yet another forza to show for, crapdown and sea of thieves? look like 360 games and the rest of timed exclusive indies? well, are inides and are TIMED EXCLUSIVE!

            But thank you for proving you have NOTHING to bragg about TODAY!

            Its nice for M$ to starv you all from great games all year so you can save the extra $500 you need to finally get 1080 or more on all games…FOUR YEARS LATER! LMAO


          3. Youre clinging to life on those multiplats. Come November you will be talking about how multiplat performance doesnt matter, and how the 0.01% amount of exclusives on Paystation are more important than the other 99.99% of games on the market lol. Then you will start hyping the next Paystation even though that if a new one is coming it wont get here for another 2yrs, at which point you will attempt to justify waiting, while simultaneously urging others to do so, instead of openly admitting that you are a lunatic fanboy.

          4. What multiplats? Ps4 superiority includes AAA exclusives, Indies, remasters, remakes, and 3rd party.

            😃😂😁😃changing the goal post? From 5% to 0.01%?😂😃😁 you are a sneaky coward! Still, doesn’t change the fact that there are more than 50 games on ps4 superior to the ones on xbone.

            No need to hype anything new, base ps4 has a better lineup the xbonex will ever have and it went for $400. You’ll have to waste $1000 to FINALLY get better performance FOUR YEARS LATER 😂 and still have lower exclusives… Oh sorry, you don’t have real exclusives anymore. Any decent pc makes xbonex irrelevant. 😰😱 congrats!

            Keep waiting for the 11th month of the year to finally have something.


          5. 😂😂😂 you are clearly upset! thats the best you could come up? LMAO

            Ill leave you to your top 5 games of the yea…NOP, none available on xbone, well, to your 2017 AAA exclu…no, none of those on xbone, at least you can play the GOTY of…Uff, none of those on xbone, GOTY contenders? NOPE! 😂😂😂 why the f**k do you even bother x bot? 😂😂😂

            #stillwaitingfor ANYTHING

          6. Why would I be upset?🤔 All of your exagerrations do not bother me, Im aware of everything you are flatly lying about. You expose your fear of the X with the lies, and over the top emotion in your posts lol. Its ok, your behavior is an exact representation of the heads at Playstation right now. No doubt youre aware of the creeper Mark Cerny announcing that the ps4 pro had magically went from 4.2TF to “8.4TF”😆. lol Wait…are you Mark Cerny? If not, you both share the same ability to brazenly lie without restraint. Your life must be a living hell right now.

          7. Of coures they bother you! thats why you CANT counter my so called lies!

            Name all your 2017 AAA xbone eclusives…
            Name all your GOTY xbone exclusives…
            Name all your GOTY contender xbone exclusives…
            Name one xbone eclusive on the top 5 scores of this year…

            LOL I will wait for those, while you wait for worthy exclusives…Typical x bot behavior…#stillwaitingforANYTHING

          8. Its 2017, youre foolish to decide what is GOTY not only before the year is over, but also before the holiday season. I notice you tried to make concessions for your exaggerations in your post(weak sauce big guy).You are going to look rather silly when none of those exclusive weebo focused games on playstation receive an award.

          9. From ANY YEAR l0ser!

            So you are so st upid you thought iI was talking GOTY from this year? LMAO I even used the 2017 and “this year” on the other request YOU FAILED to name

            LOL you just looked rather silly RIGHT NOW!



          10. Yes you are! You failed to name any game I asked you! Meaning they were not los or exaggerations!

            Thank you for proving me right l0ser!


          11. 😃😂😁😃😄 you got exhibited!

            And you proved me right!

            Now you keep :


          12. 😂😁😃😂😁😄😃😂😁😄😄😂😁😄😄😃😁😁😃😄😄😃😂😁😂😃😄😄😃😂😁😂😃😃😄😄
            I moped the floor with you when you thought you would finally get crapdown! Now you don’t even have that l0ser!

            You’ll have to pretend that you are one of the 10% that loves racing games, cause you won’t have anything else the ENTIRE YEAR!

            I played while you waited
            I play while you wait
            I will play while you keep waiting



          13. How exactly retard? None of those games are on xbone!
            You couldn’t even show proof of a single one! 😃😂😁

          14. I dont need to show proof, you openly admitted that in reality only 7 out of the over 20 games in your fake picture are playstation exclusive. That or I just dont care lol. Take your pick.

          15. Yes you have l0ser! No I didn’t! I just expressed my surprise moron!

            Those are 23 great ps4 games NOT AVAILABLE ON XBOX!

            Now cry me a river salty x bot!

            23 vs 2 ps4 domination!

            And you? #StillwaitingforANYTHING

          16. I might cry if I gave a rats ass about any of those weebo and indie games. Im just enjoying your infantile lunacy lol

          17. 😂😁😀 you just got owned!

            23 vs 2 ps4 is killing xbone like I just killed you!

            Poor x bot!


  6. they have stated many times its up to the devs.only an ingorant person would think all games are 4k wait thats the ps4 fan base…lmao.if you morons try and call it a lie all i can say is……..8.4 tflops…..lmao

    enjoy your psn price hike…lol

  7. Well….. fact is we gamers have this thing called the Bias Gaming Media that we must suffer through which has created an atack culture on the Xbox One. This means if there is any negativity to be had that could affect a Xbox One product it will be exploited pushed and nurtured to its fullest potential.

    This means we will see articles and channels and outlets asking this question and making sure every potential customer get the memo that somewhere along the lines someone said uncompromised 4k in reference towards the Xbox One X and that makes MS dirty liars and the console obsolete.

    We will ignore the fact that there have been confirmation for well over 40+ games that will be patched native 4k.

    We will igmore all the first party titles are native 4k

    We will ignore MS said they wouldnt mandate devs go 4k, it was up to them to use the power how they saw fit.

    We will ignore even in the cases it doesnt hit 4k native it still looks and runs better than the Ps4Pro or any PC with a comparable price tag.

    We will ignore that it will use higher quality textures and produce higher quality assets like cleaner and deeper shadows.

    We will ignore no one elses games are being held to these standards (because Spiderman, is not in 4k)

    ***We will*** focus on one word said by one guy one time, “uncompromised” and make several articles about that because that is more important than everything else

    1. Lol the gaming bias x bot strikes again!

      But you haven’t said what AAA exclusives xbone has had this year! Where are they? Did ign hid them from everyone but you?

      Keep ranting, seeing that you have no exclusives to play with. 😂😁😀

    2. wonder why media hates xbone? ms must not be paying them to damage control like they did for the 360

      1. The 360 era was weird. There was a lot of things happening. The media supported Ps3 even during the bad times but it was really bad. People forget the Ps4 didn’t have a decent online service until its last 3 years. There was a struggle during the launch with the fight against Blu Ray and HDDVD so it slowed down adoption. Sony also couldn’t leverage the power narrative because the 360 was kicking in to high gear during the Ps3s launch era.
        The 360 would have run away with that generation if it wasn’t for the RROD. They damage controlled the RROD but it really needed it and MS did right by consumers in getting them replacements. I think the hate comes from them beating Sony last gen and a fear that MS could monopolize gaming if they become the market leader.

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