The more I see of State of Decay 2, the more excited I get for its eventual release. State of Decay was already an almost perfect balance of role playing, community management, base building, action, open world gameplay, and both gaming technology and budgets have improved since then. I find it easy to predict this game being as sure a thing as there is in gaming. We are almost guaranteed an amazing experience. Sound like hyperbole? We’ll see, but this footage of State of Decay 2 shows me a game that I fully expect to be an all time contender. Anyway, check out the video for yourself and see where you find your level of expectation afterwards. Feel free to leave a comment below to express your opinion. Cheers and enjoy!


Published by Peter Faden

Executive Chef and soon to be Non Profit Organization guy by day, Gaming enthusiast by night...weekends are open to interpretation. While gaming, you can find me on Steam or PSN most readily, although I use the same handle on all clients. robilar5500. Feel free to contact me anytime.

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