The Xbox One Fall Update is now available for all Xbox One owners. This new update brings some changes to the home screen and a little more. Major Nelson was so kind as to make a video explaining what the changes will be.

The home screen can now be customized with some new features. Blocks will allow players the chance to have a whole block of information on a certain item. That could be just a game, friend, or even Games with Gold. With just the click of the Add Home button you can now add 40 pins to your home screen. If you want a little brighter background then you can also change it to have a light contrast in your theme.

The guide has been changed to make it easier to move around. Now everything will be horizontal, allowing for faster movement. The guide has a new multiplayer tab that also allows for the all new tournament tab. For more information on the new update just click this link. Are you enjoying the update? Let us know in the comment section below.

Published by David Yerion

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